Changing Things

Today we are going to take a second to talk all about Jordan.

She is not only one of my favorite humans, an adorable land mermaid, and one of the most premium souls to grace this earth, but she is a Photographer as well.

By trade she does some groovy dog grooms, but she also graduated several years ago with a degree in photography. Life has been super busy and things come they do. Jordan hasn't taken pictures for herself in some time. She does pictures for other people, of course, but she hasn't had the freedom to really dabble in her own art. There has been a void of passion projects.


We have been playing with the idea all season of expanding the booth to include her art as well. Her prints are deliciously gothic and empowering. Yes. You will love them. 

This past month in addition to making pots for you guys, Jordan has been taking pictures! We will start adding them to the website when we do shop updates (September 4th and 17th this month!!!!). I CAN NOT WAIT for everyone to see them, love them, experience the twisted whimsical mind that is Jordan Peterson.

Here are some pics of us working on a shoot. Come to Big River this weekend and pick up some of her lovely creations!  

Disclaimer: These are not Jordans Shots. These are my clumsy shots on my iphone while carrying equipment. Her shots are actual magic. 

Jaime Peterson