Sometimes You Win- Sometimes You Learn: Gulf Port

This past weekend we packed up and drove South. Jordan was super busy, so I took along the boyfriend. We went to the Gulf for the first year of the Southern Steampunk Expo.

Last weekend it was shivery and rainy and I almost froze to death in Massachusetts. This weekend was like a slow cooker of heat and moisture in the Gulf of Mississippi. America is the weirdest Country, guys. You already know that, though.

I have to admit that going to first year shows is always a risk. Especially because the drive is so long, and the weekend so exhausting, I am cautious when I decide to go to first year shows. But I want to support the nerd culture in the South, and help to open up opportunities and events to the community closer to home. I want the market to grow everywhere. So we packed up and went South.

I will go ahead and say this- sales were not great. That being said, nothing is ever a loss.

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.

Art and festival life should be sustainable, but not always about the money. If you make it that way, you really miss out. You have to experience each day as an opportunity for learning. Get rid of expectations and replace them with an open mind and heart. Art and mindfulness go hand in hand, and in that space you can see the beauty of each experience.  

This festival was full of advice and amazing vendors. Connections were made and doors opened, and incredibly exciting events set in place. We didn’t sell out, but man did I learn and grow and have a chance to breathe.

We stayed right by the coast, and had early morning walks on the beach. The gulf beach smells and looks like beaches I grew up on in New England, and that was good for my soul.

MOST importantly though, the venue was this HUGE warehouse full of movie props. The train from Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, the sets of American Horror Story, Scream Queens, and props for the upcoming Purge series were situated all around us. In the fall they do this epic haunted house. Ummmmm, it is always Halloween in my soul--so yeah, I could just live there. It made for some crazy fun pictures for my pots, too (check out Instagram over the next few weeks).

And, I got this fantastic hat. Also, Shawn looked super handsome. I love him.

Don’t get caught up in expectations, dearies, and lose the experience.

Jaime Peterson