Wintertime Breaks and Musings

The fall is a gentle reminder of how brilliant things can be when they die and let go.

For me the fall is always followed by a period of rest. For many artists the holiday season is frantic and full and busy and beautiful. My fall is that. It is a whirlwind of travel, shows, excitement, deadlines, and then...I rest.

I will often do a few little things and piddle around.

This year, I am working on some projects that have been buried in my mind for a minute. My hope is to spend time with them before they decide to leave. I want to take a trip around my head and spend the season there. I will, of course, get caught up on all the work and make ahead and prepare for what I hope to be my best spring yet. It gets tiresome though, plodding along just to fill the booth up. Like everything else, ideas need refreshing!

There is always this assumption about artists that we can’t do anything outside our chosen medium. Sometimes that is true. More often, it is the furthest thing from the truth. We choose our medium, cause it is our favorite. We also play in more things and with more stuff. Stuff and Things.

Over the Winter break (break from school, break from festivals, break from work), I’m super excited to play creatively. I’ve got some clay projects that I’m working on to push myself there and find new ideas. There are some painting projects in the works. I’ve also got a skateboard that I’m working on. For the next month or two I will be making posts about the creative process, sharing the projects, learning, and growing! It is my favorite time of the year (I mean, not really, cause it is so mother FUCKing cold, but it is still nice to make things)!

Jaime Peterson