Jaime Peterson- Ceramics

Influenced by a decade of serving traumatized and mentally ill adolescents, I try to tell a story through my body of work that combines the dark parts of the human experience with the wonder of the world and the curiosity of our minds. I strive to portray a narrative through my work that reflects a world both somber and whimsical. Pulling direct aesthetics of the old industrial south, I combine them with motifs from the imagination to create pieces that draw a connection between reality and illusion. My hope is that my pieces create a layered link to the past while keeping us in the playful state of the mind. They both ground us and encourage us to explore the subconscious.


Jordan Peterson- Photography

I am a digital fine art editorial photographer. I specialize in telling stories through the human form, Inspired by the tension that embodies our human experience, I strive to capture moments that highlight complexity in one single image. I tell a story that balances between reality and whimsy. My desire is that my photos evoke thoughtful reactions and emotions in the observer as they reconcile their own narratives. I accomplish this through a process that includes both studio and on-site photo shoots. I then bring the vision to realization through a multi-step post process. The result is a haunting portrayal of our human experience.