Silent Earth Art




Silent Earth Arts is a collaboration between two sisters: Jaime and Jordan Peterson. We are both independent artists, but we travel together peddling wares and wearing great costumes! You can find us together at most Steampunk Festivals and Cons, and sometimes independently at art fairs around the country.  



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Once upon a time, Jaime lived in a womb. Two years later, Jordan lived in that same womb. That is where it all started.

Jordan Peterson has a certificate in Cosmetology and a degree in Photography. She makes us look lovely and captures a number of curious things on film. By day, she works as a groomer, making the dogs in Chattanooga the most fabulous versions of themselves. 

Jaime is a Ceramicist and Educator. A community taught potter, she has been slinging clay for almost 8 years. During the day she works with high school students and community activist groups.